To discover and rediscover the family origin/root.

To bring together four family generation

To reconnect older members of family .

To acquaint younger members of the family with each other


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1. Opening / Introduction
2. Welcome

   a. Family attending
   b. Death in the Family
         1. Gary Benjamin
         2. Cowan Benjamin
         3. Winston Campbell
   c. New Arrival Appreciation

3. Poem by Olivia "Jamaica Love Poem"
4 Poem by Gabrielle "Family" and "Family Reunion"
5. Song and Dance by Haggith, Natalie, Viris, Lunette

   1. Eventime                 
   2. Linstead Market      
   3. Longtime Gal           
   4. Moon Shine Tonight

6 Poem Sket by Carlajo Benjamine aka Marsha
7 Fashion Show hosted by Roxanna
8 Essay by Hazel aka Janet "Family"