To discover and rediscover the family origin/root.

To bring together four family generation

To reconnect older members of family .

To acquaint younger members of the family with each other

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The sixth child of Mary Benjamin was Wilberforce also known as Joe.  Born in 1914 in Garden Castle, St. Thomas, Wilberforce was the fourth child from the marriage of Mary and Jeremiah Benjamin. 

Joe spent some time in his adult life travelling.  He left Garden Castle for Kingston and enrolled in the army – Jamaica Infantry.  He served as a soldier for the British during World War II.  Towards the end of the war, Joe was captured and wounded by the German army before freed. 

He met and married a Jamaican woman named Maisie while in England.  They owned a home in London until 1965 when they sold the property and returned to Kingston.  Joe and Maisie had a daughter named Aldith, but sadly she died in a motorcar accident at about age 5.  It is believed that she fell out of the car while the family was out driving.  Her parents never fully recovered from the tragedy; both were saddened for years followed.  Joe eventually fathered another daughter – Michelle.

Like his brothers, Joe also liked to watch and play cricket.  He often could be found playing dominoes at night with his friends.  Boiled dumplings are remembered to be among his favorite food.  Joe did not smoke despite the picture with a pipe.

In 1969, Joe was found after collapsing in his garden.  He was taken to the hospital and died due to complications from high blood pressure or a heart attack