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To reconnect older members of family .

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The youngest of Mary Benjamin’s eight children was Nelson Haradado .  Born April 5, 1922 in Garden Castle district of Llandewey St. Thomas, Nelson was the sixth child from the marriage of Mary and Jeremiah Benjamin.

Nelson attended Bethesda School in Llandewey.  He moved to Kingston as a young man and joined the North Caribbean Regiment also known as the army in 1938.  While in Jamaica’s army, Nelson became a corporal and was in active service for years.  He later trained in Fort Houstus, North Carolina for 9 months before transferring to Italy to serve in WWII for one year.  Corporal Benjamin was then stationed in Cairo, Egypt for another year until the war ended in 1945.  He transported prisoners of war from Italy to Egypt where they were kept under guard.  He then returned to his native Jamaica and retired from the armed forces.

Life in Jamaica took a different pace.  Nelson was an outstanding cricketer for 8 years.  He played parish cricket and represented Jamaica in Senior Cricket.  He is also known to love playing dominoes.

When England opened its borders, Nelson migrated from Jamaica to Great Britain in 1957.  He mastered an engineering course and became a subway driver for 15 years before retiring.

Nelson crossed the Atlantic Ocean and made Paterson, New Jersey his new home in 1972.  He continued educating himself by taking a course in psychotherapy and worked at the Daughters of Miriam Nursing Home for 10 years before retiring.

In 1989, the time had come for Nelson to return to a warmer climate.  He moved to Orlando, Florida.  On April 19, 1999, Nelson married Georgia .

Nelson has two children: Errol born in Jamaica and Sarah born in England.  Although reserved in personality, Nelson was friendly and outgoing.  He often went the extra mile to help others.