To discover and rediscover the family origin/root.

To bring together four family generation

To reconnect older members of family .

To acquaint younger members of the family with each other

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Enid (Valerie
Barbara (Sister Mary Andrew / Babs)
Winston (D-driks)
Joy (Beck)
Patricia (Patsy / Sip)
Horace (Junior / Natchi)
Howard (Skelli)

The oldest of Mary Benjamin’s eight children was Hylton. Hylton was born February 1, 1902, in Garden Castle, St. Thomas to Mary Dillon and Joseph (Mas Joe) Campbell. Joseph Campbell came from Maroon heritage

Hylton was a father figure to his younger siblings, who respectfully called him “Brother Hylton.”  As an adult, he left Garden Castle, moved to Morant Bay and later to Kingston.  He spent some time in Panama building the Panama Canal.  While in Kingston, he worked as a taxi driver and later as a chauffeur for the Issas.  He was not an educated man since he left school in the 4th Book” to fend for himself, however, he was a smart man who is said to “could outwit the best of them and could hold his own in any company.

Hylton had nine children. He fathered Gloria with Nora . His second born was Enid Valerie with Iris (Daisy). On October 1, 1942, he married Princess Mavis and together had seven children: Barbara, Winston, Joy, Patricia, Horace, Victor, and Howard.

Hylton was a great provider – whatever money he made he brought home to his wife to care for the family. He is described as jovial with a great sense of humor and a distinct “chuckle.” Words such as strict, caring, proud, loving, ambitious, no-nonsense, wise, a people person and socialite are used by his children to describe him. He demanded that his children did well in school and made the best of opportunities presented to them. “Your education is your passport to a good life,” he often said.

Loving sports of every kind, he was especially a fan of horseracing, softball, and cricket and was a great swimmer. His favorite horses were – “Cup of Tea” and “Royal Dad”. Cornmeal porridge was his favorite food
He died July 13, 1980 due to liver cancer shortly after receiving Holy Communion from the priest of his church, St. Mary of the Virgin Anglican Church.