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Felix Clarke



Mavis (Punci
Sydney (Rayson)
Evadney (Vadney)
Haggith (Ogget)
Lawrence (Fitzroy)
Winnifred (Pat)
Evadney (Lammie)
Sonia (Margaret)

The second child of Mary Benjamin was Felix also known as Mahga mouth. Felix was born April 22, 1905 to Mary Dillon and Sydney Clarke in Garden Castle, St. Thomas. Felix never had the opportunity of knowing his father because unfortunately, Sydney was poisoned and died shortly after Felix’s birth.

Felix met Francella , of Heartease, St. Thomas and on February 23, 1938 they married. The marriage produced eight children: Mavis, Sydney, Evadney, Haggith, Lawrence, Winnifred, Evelyn, and Sonia. He also fathered and cared for Linton & Inez Clarke. After the birth of Sydney (named after the father Felix never knew), the Clarke's moved from Llandewey to Kingston. He worked as a laborer in production and later in the warehouse of Seprod (formerly Soap and Edible) for 21 years. After retiring, he purchased a home in Kingston which the family still owns and manages today.

Although Felix and his family lived modestly, the “man a yard” wanted the best for his children. While attending a meeting in 1967, he was offered the opportunity to send one of them to America. Evadney was chosen and was told by him that his vision was that she come to America to help the others arrive. By 1981 the vision came to pass, Mavis was the last of the Clarke’s children to arrive in Miami. Unfortunately, Felix died July 15, 1976 due to cardiovascular problems and never landed in America.

Felix is described as tall, slim, dark, and handsome. He was a family man who loved to sit down and talk with his children; a caring father who was protective of them, especially the girls. His wife described him as loving and faithful. He gave his entire week’s pay to her for taking care of the family’s needs. The children don’t remember ever seeing or hearing their parents argue.

Felix loved to play dominoes, ludie, and was an A-1 cricketer. He was the captain of the Llandewey cricket team. He was great at crossing the river and helping others cross the river. This man enjoyed white rum and smoked cigars and a pipe. He was quiet in demeanor, however, easily made friends. He often “whistled like a bird.” His remains lay in the gardens of his church home, Bethseda Methodist Church in Llandewey.