To discover and rediscover the family origin/root.

To bring together four family generation

To reconnect older members of family .

To acquaint younger members of the family with each other

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In August 1911, Mary and Jeremiah Benjamin had twins Alfonso and Estrana in Garden Castle, St. Thomas.  Alfonso was also known as Fonso or Pantan.

While living in Llandewey, he made a living by cutting poline trees, used to make matches sticks etc.

Alfonso had a macho image coupled with a deep voice.  His softer side showed great love for his mother.  Nelson described him as nice and friendly; he was quiet and had good relations with his siblings. He loved to play cricket.

In the early 1950s, Alfonso’s life tragically ended while traveling from Kingston to St. Thomas in a back of a truck carrying lumber.  While asleep in the truck, a sharp turn was made and he was thrown off and died.  Some remember his death as accidental while others believed he was a victim of fatal revenge.  He never married and had no children.  He had a girlfriend in Nine-Mile, St. Thomas known as “Miss T.”.